Wednesday, 1 April 2009

2nd Tale - The wind beyond the cape -1st

Solar used to swim there. Her long hair was getting mingled with the algae of the sea. Her hair was bright, like painted by numbed sun beams, that could not be tamed by the waters of the sea, that gently swung her, as if she were on its lap. Sometimes, she would pursue a shoal, trying to catch some fish, with her quick hands, made of soft thin skin, coloured of white sweet milk with honey; and sometimes, she swam gently together with sluggish whales, without any hurry. She used to swim, and run after something, throwing bubbles in the air, playing with star-fishes on the white sand at the very bottom of the sea, and used to fill in her lungs of air on the surface. She also loved to hear the music of the waves.

One day, when she was coming to the surface to breath, moving her fin as quick as possible, she felt something hindering her movements, and as she was unable to identify what it was she tried to grab it and threw it as far as possible… it was transparent.

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