Saturday, 4 April 2009

2nd tale - 2nd part

Twisted herself, grabbed her hair, shrieked, whirled, injured herself and at last, at the surface, she put her hands on that thing, watching the shore through it with its many trees, right above a white line of sand, that was a part of a giant beach… Panting, threw away that translucent body that the water seemed to catch… She didn't even notice that behind her, only 20 metres away, there was a ship of white sails and of a very small hull. On that ship, the one crew-member saw her on the exact moment that the strange object was falling in the water, after being thrown at least 5 metres away. He called his girlfriend.
— Maria! Come here quick! There is a mermaid over there and she has just thrown a plastic bag full of water! Quick!!
Maria and Solar, both heard him, and Solar before someone could see her again, dove and swam away from the boat. She looked at a far, and astonished and confused, as if she had never before seen men. That one seemed ok but strange… and was walking above something, with very sharp sticks where there were thin objects hanged, with very thin and white algae, where the wind was blowing…
— Aren't you imagining things?! Mermaids don't exist and you are very tired. Let's go! — Maria had nothing to do, she wasn't even interested on the plastic bag and besides that the wind was blowing on their direction, they could use the opportunity to return home. Nevertheless, that vision of Samuel wasn't good to her because she was very jealous and did not know how to swim, but that woman knew.
Meanwhile, as Maria was trying to convince Samuel to return, Solar approached them. She was then very close and listening what they were saying.
— But Maria, believe in me! I saw her playing with a plastic bag… one of those you usually throw away!
— What ?! Are you saying that the fault is mine? No! Lets go away right now! You know that I can't swim and I'm getting nervous with your visions! — She didn't understand but she was already screaming.

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