Sunday, 8 March 2009

2nd part of "The Blow"

Suddenly, a stronger breeze of wind passed through my ears and I seemed to hear a voice: — Are you, my love…
In the start of the impossible, I opened my eyes. My chest was jumping, affected by the faster beats of the heart, anguished by the confirmation of the voice brought by the wind.
— It can only be you, my love…
I sat on the bed, took a deep breath and stood more attentive to the sound, of course I couldn't hear anything more than the wind. It was impossible to hear a voice so close…

To loosen up, before returning to bed, I went to the window and on my way there I felt several nuances of heat, some of those hot and humid. From the window I couldn't see anything more, just some shadows, and the trees waving very slowly. I took a deep breath… and said to myself: — Enough of imagination! It's time to rest.
It was then that the wind stopped and on my back I felt someone trying to open the door and heard: — Do not ignore me!
I looked behind and frightened I jumped from the window, stood up and ran to the middle of the bushes of the garden. One shadow was now looking on several directions, through the window, stood in my direction, had a quick jump and told me: — You will not escape!
I fixed the left foot on the floor and, with a jump, I started to run to the forest, the hot air of the night touched my body, I felt the stems cracking under my feet and others on my face. I couldn't neither see around me nor keep away all the stems and it was now hard to hear any noise that came from my persecutor. Maybe it was due to the wind… That started again to blow as if pushing me afterwards.
It was 20 minutes running, as if in an athletics competition. My chest hurt, I couldn't breathe enough and the sweat was falling from my face and spreading all over my body. The sound of the wind, as I was running, slowly merged with the bright and vibrant sound of the nearest river, situated very far away from home. Knowing this, I slowed down. I had to rest. But I stumbled in a trunk that I hadn’t seen, I didn't hurt myself, but fell and heard a strangely creepy and familiar voice too close to me . — I caught you!

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