Tuesday, 25 November 2008


The Cover

Thursday, 20 November 2008

First tale!

Dear all,
This is the fist time I present you a tale of my new book entitled "Tales For The Ones In Love". It will be available at Amazon. Please give me your feedback, after reading the first paragraph of the tale "The Blow".
Here it is:
"Just another Friday. The end of the day brought a hot Summer breeze and the tiredness was pushing me to bed. I felt I'd forgotten something, but the darkness of the night, without moonlight, was appearing as a black cloak that encouraged more to fell asleep. The eyes closed without notice, the sleep was stronger… the sound of an owl entered the bedroom through the half closed window. Due to that, I closed it totally. A few moments after, the owl gave up peeping and I could just hear the sound of the wind that was also entering in the bedroom as if to blow the curtains, white and half-transparent, with textures that looked like waves, draw with gushes. Lied on my left elbow, I could just see reflected on the wall the movement of the curtains and hear the monotonous sound of the wind. Lulled by the sound I fell asleep…"

I'm waiting for you! Please give your feedback!